The Emails are the actual individual emails that a marketeer is creating, such as a newsletter or a campaign. An Email is always based on a Template, which is selected when creating a new email.

Users of all roles can create and edit Emails.

The editing experience of creating an email, is direct product of the decisions taken by the designer/developer of the Template.

The designer/developer of the Template should therefore work closely with the marketeers to give them enough flexibility and power to not hamper their creativity, while still making sure the marketeer can never go off-brand.

The Email Editor

The Email Editor consists of a main pane, containing a live preview of the email. In the top left, there is options to switch to compact view (list of added components) and mobile view.

In the left pane, you can click to select a component, which will update the right pane with corresponding options.

The right pane consists of 3 sections:

  • Block Settings - These are the settings and inputs defined on each component.

  • Global Settings - The settings defined on the Template Layout Base.

  • Components - A list or grid view of all the available components in the template.

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