Handle large images

You probably ended up here, because you uploaded an extremely large image

Even though Better optimizes and reduce the size of your uploaded images, we have created this warning when you upload images that are so large, that your email might end in the spam folder. The larger the images you upload, the longer time your users have to wait while the image is being downloaded. Here is some tips to reduce the size of your image. jpg/png - It is really rare that this style of images causes any problems, however if they do, it is probably because the dimensions of the images is extremely big. Normally you do not need images more than 1200px in emails, so a simple fix is to crop you image. If you want to learn how to crop images automatically, you can read more about what we suppoert right here.

Gif - this format is more likely to cause the problem, because gif's can be very heavy. We recommend that you visit this website and optimize your gif. A rule of thumb is no more than 1mb.

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