Creating your first email

If you have just created an Alpaco account, you will see the screen below with a Demo Email, and you will have a Demo Template in the Templates section as well.

We will create a new Email based on the Demo Template:

The New Email form shows. Give the Email a name, and select the Demo Template. We can ignore the folder for now.

After clicking save, you will be taken to the new Email.

As we can see in the Preview, the email is empty, only containing a header and a footer (the Layout Base).

You can read more about the Email Editor, but in this guide we will jump straight into adding some content. Click the Components tab in the right pane.

A list of all the available Components (defined in the Template) will show. Drag and drop the Main Article component into the left pane, between the header and footer:

Now click anywhere on the Component in the Preview to select it (notice the blue outline border).

Change some of the values in the right pane and see the contents update live in the Preview.

Now let's go to Global Settings in the right pane, and change the Theme setting to Summer

Cool! We just used a Global Setting (defined on Layout Base in the Template Editor) to change the entire look of the email, including inside the Main Article Component (notice the text color changed).

You can go back to the Emails list (click Emails in top menu), and you will see that the small preview have updated.

If you click on your new Email, you will go to the Email page and you can view the full email:

From here, you can:

  • View the HTML code

  • Preview in Mobile View

  • Go to Email Editor

  • Clone the Email

  • Export the Email (if integrations are active)

  • Go to Email Settings and update the Name, Folder etc.

That's it! 👏

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